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<H2>Save to media</h2>
<form name="cmd" action="" method="POST">
+ <dt>Remove existing apk.ovls from media</dt>
+ <dd><input type="checkbox" class="checkbox" name="lbucleanmedia" >
+<p class=attention>Attention!</p><p>By checking this box, you remove all existing archives from the <?= view.status.LBU_MEDIA ?> when commiting (adding the '-d' flag to the commit action).<br>This needs to be done when you want/dont want to encrypt your archive and there already exists archives on the media.<BR>There can only be one sort of arcive on the media.</dd>
<dt>Simulate/Test a commit</dt>
<dd><input type=submit class="submit" name="lbusimulate" value="simulate" ></dd>
<dt>Actually Commit and save changes</dt>