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@@ -44,16 +44,29 @@ until you restart the service.</p>
<p><pre class=error><? io.write( service.cfgerr ) ?></pre></p>
-<h2>Delete Category</h2>
+<h2>Add Category</h2>
+To add a category, or to add a file to an existing category, please fill in the corresponding information below.
+(Due to a limitation with DansGuardian, all categories must be lowercase.)
+<dl><dt>Category name</dt><dd><input type="text" name="newcat" value=""></dd></dl>
+<dl><dt>Category files</dt><dd><input type="checkbox" name="cattype" value="w">weighted <input type="checkbox" name="cattype" value="b">banned <input type="checkbox" name="cattype" value="e">exception</dd></dl>
+<dl><dt>Action</dt><dd><input class="submit" type="submit" name="cmd" value="add"></dd></dl>
+<h2>Delete Category</h2>
+Select the categories you wish to delete. Please note that this deletes the category, but does not
+delete the link in the corresponding phraselist above. You will also need to edit the phraselist file
+above if you delete a category.
<form action="" method="POST">
+<dl><dt>Categories available</dt><dd>(please check the ones you want to delete)</dd></dl>
for k,v in ipairs( config ) do
- io.write( "<tr><td><input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"cats\" value=\"" .. v .. "\"> " .. v .. "</td></tr>\n" )
+ io.write( "<dl><dt></dt><dd><input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"cats\" value=\"" .. v .. "\"> " .. v .. "</dd></dl>\n" )
-<tr><td><input class="submit" type="submit" name="cmd" value="delete"></td></tr>
+<dl><dt>Action</dt><dd><input class="submit" type="submit" name="cmd" value="delete"></dd></dl>