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* Cleaning up code.Mika Havela2008-04-081-58/+11
* Show autostart sequence.v0.1.0Mika Havela2008-04-021-1/+1
* Graphical bugfixes.Mika Havela2008-02-271-1/+1
* Creating tags folder for 'dhcp'Mika Havela2008-02-181-2/+3
* Added new skin (to look for bugs in view-files). Changed table headers for so...Mika Havela2008-02-171-4/+3
* When you have a valid configuration in /etc/.fetchmailrc you will see the res...Mika Havela2008-02-051-24/+26
* Config-tab information: Some config-info is displayed in the config-tab.Mika Havela2008-02-041-1/+1
* Status-info: Works and shows some information (not sure enabled/disabled shou...v0.1Mika Havela2008-02-041-0/+205