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@@ -3,15 +3,20 @@ Started to do a simple sshd configurator.
This only supports the config options that "makes sense". That means:
* Port (chenge to non-standard port)
* ListenAddress (bind to single ip or interface)
- * PermitRootLogin (forbid root to log in. To force use of sudo/su)
* PasswordAuthentication (turn off to use public keys only)
* UseDNS (will most likely needed to be turned off)
* Status
* submit changes (controller)
+ * expert tab
* validation/CFE'ify
* Posibility to upload public keys
* remove reminders from openntd (which the files were copied from)
- * expert tab
* log file
+Could not be able to activate this function:
+ * PermitRootLogin (forbid root to log in. To force use of sudo/su)