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* Change file actions filesize to size, size and mtime not user-friendly, use p...Ted Trask2016-01-181-2/+2
* Revert changes inadvertently included in "Bump version to 0.8.7"Ted Trask2016-01-181-2/+2
* Bump version to 0.8.7v0.8.7Ted Trask2016-01-181-2/+2
* Replace convertsize function with orig_sizeTed Trask2015-11-201-15/+1
* Changes to use new htmlviewfunctions functionsTed Trask2014-04-231-7/+15
* Fix sort by filesize in logfiles/statusTed Trask2014-03-041-1/+15
* Cleanup HTML including removing DL/DT/DD, use tablesorter where possible, and...Ted Trask2014-02-031-8/+26
* Change use of require to work with Lua 5.2Ted Trask2013-10-091-1/+1
* Added require statement for html libraryTed Trask2012-10-021-0/+1
* Started work on updating for acf-core-0.15Ted Trask2012-04-181-2/+2
* Added script files to be run after edit device and after edit device params.Ted Trask2011-01-111-0/+20