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* Rewrite of shorewall to use new libraries, ... Moved statusbasic to status, s...Ted Trask2008-09-221-23/+1
* use <% %> instead of <? ?>Natanael Copa2008-07-281-6/+6
* Saving work for today.Mika Havela2008-05-151-12/+6
* Fetching path to logfile by reading the configfile instead of hardcode /var/l...Mika Havela2008-04-171-1/+1
* Graphical bugfix.Mika Havela2008-04-091-0/+4
* Cleaning up code.Mika Havela2008-04-081-30/+10
* Adding information of autostart sequence.Mika Havela2008-03-281-1/+1
* Changed shorewall so that it reports/uses cfe's instead!Mika Havela2008-02-011-16/+35
* Added <DL> to the views, so that the css works as it shouldMika Havela2008-01-151-0/+6
* Created a confirmation when you start/stop/restart the firewall.Mika Havela2008-01-151-12/+0
* Small changes on the status-pageMika Havela2008-01-101-4/+4
* Added management button for checking the configsMika Havela2008-01-101-2/+4
* Renamed tab and reorganized first pageMika Havela2008-01-101-0/+30