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<h1>Web Proxy - Special Access</h1>
+<h2>General Information</h2>
The squid web proxy server is normally configured to require authenticated access. In some cases, such
as anti-virus update programs, the process cannot authenticate itself to the proxy server. For these
<i>special</i> cases, it is possible to have squid allow anonymous access to the Internet.<br><br>
You may choose to specify the special cases by specific ip address, browser identification or destination
<form action="" method="POST">
<h2>Special IP Addresses</h2>
+If you wish to specify hosts that may access the Internet by IP address,
+enter the address(es) in the box below, one per line.
<textarea name="s_ip" style="width:100%;"><? io.write( service.config.s_ip ) ?></textarea>
<h2>Browser Identification</h2>
+If you have a browser that identifies itself in a special way, you may
+specify it here. Note that any client identifying itself as this type
+of browser will be allowed anonymous access. Enter the browser identification(s)
+in the box below, one per line. Regular expressions are allowed.
<textarea name="s_browser" style="width:100%;"><? io.write( service.config.s_browser ) ?></textarea>
<h2>Special Domains</h2>
+If you have a specail domain that needs to be accessed in a special way, you
+may specify if here. This will allow anonymous access to the domains listed.
+Enter the domain url below. Regular expressions are allowed.
<textarea name="s_domain" style="width:100%;"><? io.write( service.config.s_domain ) ?></textarea>