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+apk info - print detailed information about packages
+*apk info* [<_options_>...] _packages_...
+*apk info* -W _file_
+*apk info* prints information known about the listed packages. By default, it
+prints the description, webpage, and installed size of the package (equivalent
+to *apk info -dws*).
+Each field printed is prefaced by the name of the package and its package
+version, then the field to be displayed, and a newline. The following lines
+display the appropriate information, then an empty line terminates that field.
+*apk info -W* _file_ prints the package which owns the specified file.
+*-a, --all*
+ List all information known about the package.
+*-d, --description*
+ Print the package description.
+*-e, --installed*
+ Check if the package is installed, printing its name and exiting with
+ status code zero if so, or exiting with a nonzero status code otherwise.
+*-L, --contents*
+ List files included in the package.
+*-i, --install-if*
+ List the package's install_if rule, if configured (i.e. the conditions
+ under which this package will be installed automatically).
+*-I, --rinstall-if*
+ List other packages whose install_if rules refer to this package.
+*-r, --rdepends*
+ List reverse dependencies of the package (all other packages which
+ depend on the package).
+*-R, --depends*
+ List the dependencies of the package.
+*-s, --size*
+ Print the package's installed size.
+*-w, --webpage*
+ Print the URL for the package's upstream webpage.
+*-W, --who-owns*
+ Print the package which owns the specified file.
+ Print the package SPDX license identifier.
+ List the other packages for which this package is marked as a
+ replacement.
+ Print active triggers for the package.
+Natanael Copa <ncopa@alpinelinux.org>++
+Timo Teräs <_timo.teras@iki.fi_>