BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.10-stablemain/openssl: security upgrade to 0.9.8x and backport padlock fixesTimo Teräs10 years
1.9main/spamassassin: pkgrel +1Leonardo Arena13 years
2.0-stablemain/acf-freeswitch-vmail: upgrade to 0.0.10Ted Trask12 years
2.1-stablemain/tiff: fix CVE-2012-5581Natanael Copa10 years
2.2-stablemain/acf-kamailio: upgrade to 0.4.7Ted Trask9 years
2.3-stablemain/zabbix: security upgrade to 1.8.18 (CVE-2013-5743)Natanael Copa9 years
2.4-stablemain/bash: upgrade to 4.2.049 fixes CVE-2014-6271Leonardo Arena8 years
2.5-stablemain/xen: security upgrade to 4.2.5 and patchesNatanael Copa8 years
2.6-stablemain/openldap: fix ber_get_next denial of service (CVE-2015-6908)Leonardo Arena7 years
2.7-stablemain/asterisk: disable -march=nativeTimo Teräs6 years
3.0-stablemain/acf-openssh: upgrade to 0.9.1Ted Trask6 years
3.1-stablemain/curl: security upgrade - fixes #6437Sergey Lukin6 years
3.10-stablemain/sqlite: security fix (CVE-2020-11655)Leonardo Arena2 years
3.11-stablecommunity/umoci: add chmod-clean optionKevin Daudt2 years
3.2-stablemain/libbsd: fix secfixes ymlCarlo Landmeter3 years
3.3-stablemain/openssl: security upgrade to 1.0.2q - CVE-2018-0734 - CVE-2018-5407J0WI4 years
3.4-stablemain/apache2: remove dupe in secfixes and sortNatanael Copa3 years
3.5-stablemain/php5: security upgrade to 5.6.40Andy Postnikov4 years
3.6-stablecommunity/openjdk7: fix typo in secfixes infoRichard Mortier3 years
3.7-stablecommunity/tor: re-enable and rebuild to avoid bogus IDS warningAriadne Conill2 years
3.8-stablemain/sqlite: security fix (CVE-2020-11655)Leonardo Arena2 years
3.9-stablemain/sqlite: security fix (CVE-2020-11655)Leonardo Arena2 years
mastercommunity/ceph: fix circular dependecyNatanael Copa2 years
uacme-upgradecommunity/uacme: upgrade to 1.3Carlo Landmeter2 years
v3.0-wipadb: introduce apk-tools database format, and few appletsTimo Teräs3 years
z3-upgradecommunity/z3: upgrade to 4.8.8Sören Tempel2 years