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@@ -13,12 +13,12 @@ The q, or "quick" mode of the `setup-alpine` script allows one to get a trivial
Under quick mode, `setup-alpine` will:
-- Setup your keyboard layout
-- Initialize your hostname to the default "alpine" value
-- Set your primary (autodetected) interface to use DHCP, and start networking
+- Setup your xref:manual.adoc#_keyboard_layout[Keyboard Layout]
+- Initialize your xref:manual.adoc#_hostname[Hostname] to the default "alpine" value
+- Set your primary (autodetected) interface to use xref:manual.adoc#_dhcp[DHCP], and start networking
- Enable various relevant system services, and start them
- Generate a valid `/etc/hosts` file
-- Enable the default repository
+- Enable the default xref:manual.adoc#_repositories[repository]