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+# mkinitfs
+This is the initramfs generator for Alpine Linux, including support for apk and
+Alpine Diskless boot.
+## Dependencies
+To compile manually, you need to have the following build tools available:
+- make
+- gcc with musl and kernel-headers
+nlplug-findfs will link against the following libraries (runtime deps):
+- libkmod
+- libblkid (from util-linux)
+- libcryptsetup
+## Installation
+Build mkinitfs via `make` and install it via `make install`.
+The installation honours the `DESTDIR` parameter to overwrite the sysroot path.
+For testing, its not necessary to install `mkinitfs` into your root file system.
+## Tweaking
+The Makefile is kept slim and debuggable.