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+.TH NLPLUG-FINDFS "1" "July 2018" "mkinitfs @VERSION@" "Early startup"
+nlplug-findfs - Search for blockdevices to boot
+nlplug-findfs \fIOPTIONS\fR [\fISEARCHDEVICE\fR]
+nlplug-findfs is part of the initramfs and is tasked to find the (possibly
+encrypted) boot partition and installer media.
+\fB\-a \fIOUTFILE\fR
+When apk overlays are found during the search, a list of their paths will be
+stored in \fIOUTFILE\fR.
+\fB\-b \fIOUTFILE\fR
+When boot media are found, a list of them is stored in \fIOUTFILE\fR.
+Boot media are identified by the existence of an .boot_repository file.
+Specifies an block device for decryption.
+Show usage information.
+When using an encrypted device with LUKS headers on an separate block device,
+that block device must be specified using this option.
+\fB\-k \fIKEYFILE\fR
+Attempt to decrypt the block device given with \fB\-c\fR using a keyfile.
+\fB\-m \fINAME\fR
+When the decryption of the block device is successful, it will appear as
+Do not return non-zero if \fISEARCHDEVICE\fR is not found.
+Mount the encrypted devices with the discard (TRIM) option. Dont enable this if
+you dont know what its doing.
+Enable debugging output.
+Ignore devices belonging to the given subsystem.
+\fB\-o \fIOFFSET\fR
+When mounting an encrypted device, this specifies the payload offset for
+\fB\-p \fIPROGRAM\fR
+Call this program for uevents which have DEVNAME set.
+\fB\-t \fITIMEOUT\fR
+Timeout after \fITIMEOUT\fR milliseconds without uevents.
+Written by Natanael Copa <ncopa@alpinelinux.org>, Timo Teräs <timo.teras@iki.fi> and others.
+Alpine Linux Bugtracker: <https://bugs.alpinelinux.org/projects/alpine/issues>