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* abuild: include MAINTAINER in default abuild.confAndrew Hills2015-06-041-1/+3
* abuild.conf: default to muslNatanael Copa2014-06-201-3/+3
* abuild.conf: simplify. only set CHOST and let abuild detect the restNatanael Copa2013-08-011-9/+3
* abuild: make it configurable what to cleanup and whenNatanael Copa2013-08-011-1/+6
* abuild.conf: updated comment about PACKAGER/newapkbuildMatt Smith2011-04-141-1/+1
* Add hints on CARCH/CBUILD for x86_64 and powerpc.William Pitcock2011-02-091-0/+9
* abuild.conf: set CARCH and CBUILDNatanael Copa2010-11-241-3/+3
* abuild.conf: add ARCH and minor cleanupNatanael Copa2010-11-191-6/+7
* abuild.conf: added JOBS variableNatanael Copa2010-01-071-1/+2
* abuild.conf: added PACKAGERNatanael Copa2009-01-291-0/+4
* abuild: added REPODESTNatanael Copa2009-01-221-1/+3
* remove -fPIC from CFLAGS. added comments for SRC/PKGDESTNatanael Copa2008-11-271-1/+8
* fix bug in abuild cleanpkg. set default CHOSTNatanael Copa2008-11-131-1/+3
* use colors on messagesLinux User2008-11-081-0/+3
* fixed faulty gcc flag. export MAKEFLAGSNatanael Copa2008-10-221-2/+2
* initial commitNatanael Copa2008-10-181-0/+6