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* setup-disk: fix for detecting cciss disksNatanael Copa2009-10-121-2/+4
* setup-disk: do not use UUID for raid devicesNatanael Copa2009-10-051-0/+3
* setup-disk: fix for detecting disk from given partitionNatanael Copa2009-10-051-5/+13
* setup-disk: check if the devce itself is mountedNatanael Copa2009-09-301-0/+1
* setup-disk: fix find_disksNatanael Copa2009-09-291-10/+32
* setup-disk: rely on mkinitfs's links to kernelNatanael Copa2009-09-231-5/+2
* setup-disk: use uuid in fstab and extlinux.confNatanael Copa2009-09-171-3/+28
* setup-disk: add pax_nouderef boot param to vmware guestsNatanael Copa2009-09-161-1/+12
* setup-disk: don't bother sed things we overwriteNatanael Copa2009-09-161-3/+0
* setup-disk: let fdisk create an ms dos signature in case its missingNatanael Copa2009-09-011-0/+6
* setup-disk: fix spelling errorNatanael Copa2009-09-011-1/+1
* setup-disk: default to first disk. improve messagesNatanael Copa2009-08-221-29/+11
* setup-disk: support for -r, raid. new default partitioningNatanael Copa2009-08-181-49/+210
* setup-disk: copy apk config to new rootNatanael Copa2009-08-061-2/+5
* setup-disk: remove linux-grsec-modNatanael Copa2009-07-071-1/+1
* setup-disk: load usb storage module in initramfsNatanael Copa2009-06-161-1/+1
* setup-disk: write mbr to correct devices when use raidNatanael Copa2009-05-231-3/+9
* setup-disk: support for raid devices as rootNatanael Copa2009-05-211-9/+31
* setup-disk: initial support for specifying a mounted rootNatanael Copa2009-05-211-28/+52
* move to .in filesNatanael Copa2009-05-061-0/+102