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abuild: make it configurable what to cleanup and when
allow user specify if they want uninstall deps, remove srcdir and/or pkgdir on failure or success. We introduce CLEANUP and ERROR_CLEANUP config options in /etc/abuild.conf. Valid values are: pkgdir srcdir deps.
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diff --git a/abuild.conf b/abuild.conf
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--- a/abuild.conf
+++ b/abuild.conf
@@ -28,8 +28,13 @@ SRCDEST=/var/cache/distfiles
# uncomment line below to store built packages in other location
# The package will be stored as $REPODEST/$repo/$pkgname-$pkgver-r$pkgrel.apk
# where $repo is the name of the parent directory of $startdir.
# PACKAGER is used to create new aports with 'newapkbuild ...'
#PACKAGER="Your Name <your@email.address>"
+# what to clean up after a successful build
+CLEANUP="srcdir pkgdir deps"
+# what to cleanup after a failed build