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-ACF2 HTTP Protocol
+Alpine Configurator HTTP Protocol
Load JavaScript client:
req: GET /
@@ -8,33 +8,33 @@ Log in:
req: POST /login
- body is a JSON object with username and password attributes
resp headers:
- - X-ACF-Auth-Token: authentication token, use in the header of
+ - X-AConf-Auth-Token: authentication token, use in the header of
subsequent requests
- - X-ACF-Save-Required: if set to 1, an explicit request is
+ - X-AConf-Save-Required: if set to 1, an explicit request is
required to save the changed files persistently
Log out:
req: DELETE /login
- X-ACF-Auth-Token: <token>
+ X-AConf-Auth-Token: <token>
Save configuration files persistently (lbu commit):
req: POST /save
Start transaction:
req: POST /transaction
-resp: txn ID (in header as X-ACF-Transaction-ID)
- - use X-ACF-Transaction-ID in the header of any subsequent
+resp: txn ID (in header as X-AConf-Transaction-ID)
+ - use X-AConf-Transaction-ID in the header of any subsequent
request to process it in the transaction's context
- nested transactions can be started by using it in a subsequent
start transaction request
Commit transaction:
req: PUT /transaction
- X-ACF-Transaction-ID: <txn_id>
+ X-AConf-Transaction-ID: <txn_id>
Abort transaction:
req: DELETE /transaction
- X-ACF-Transaction-ID: <txn_id>
+ X-AConf-Transaction-ID: <txn_id>
Get object:
req: GET /config/<obj_path>