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* model: scattered listsKaarle Ritvanen2015-02-221-2/+31
* proper escaping for back-end addressesKaarle Ritvanen2015-02-121-7/+9
* specify search pattern for referencesKaarle Ritvanen2015-01-301-5/+4
* use 'unpack' function from 'table' moduleKaarle Ritvanen2014-04-152-3/+3
* move permission checking from server to modelKaarle Ritvanen2014-03-251-4/+10
* model: harmonize signatures of Model.init and RootModel.initKaarle Ritvanen2014-03-251-1/+1
* transaction: adjust indentationKaarle Ritvanen2014-03-251-8/+6
* rename ACF2 to Alpine Configurator (aconf)Kaarle Ritvanen2014-03-242-0/+351