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all: rework how arrays work
Instead of having a null pointer, use a dummy array which just says the array is empty. This helps in multiple places of the code which would otherwise need explicitly need to check first if the array exists. This has been cause of multiple seg.faults in the past as the array check is easily omitted. This also removes (or fixes) all existing checks accordingly.
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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ $(error Build dependencies are not met)
progs-y += apk
-apk-objs := state.o database.o package.o archive.o \
+apk-objs := common.o state.o database.o package.o archive.o \
version.o io.o url.o gunzip.o blob.o hash.o apk.o \
add.o del.o fix.o update.o info.o search.o upgrade.o \
cache.o ver.o index.o fetch.o audit.o verify.o