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authorTimo Teras <>2009-07-14 13:27:21 +0300
committerTimo Teras <>2009-07-14 13:27:21 +0300
commit8d1eeb58e450ef4a81497c3233a929350af3e467 (patch)
treed2dcec64c9449ea431fb259410e1136479e21bc8 /src/apk_blob.h
parentab37bd0b0c0da340222f8420ec2ee6ccdd13ce24 (diff)
blob: some helpers to replace snprintf
snprintf is dog slow. make the blob stuff have some helper functions so we can use them in code paths that are executed often.
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/src/apk_blob.h b/src/apk_blob.h
index bea2d08..9ad79c4 100644
--- a/src/apk_blob.h
+++ b/src/apk_blob.h
@@ -44,13 +44,15 @@ int apk_blob_rsplit(apk_blob_t blob, char split, apk_blob_t *l, apk_blob_t *r);
unsigned long apk_blob_hash_seed(apk_blob_t, unsigned long seed);
unsigned long apk_blob_hash(apk_blob_t str);
int apk_blob_compare(apk_blob_t a, apk_blob_t b);
-unsigned int apk_blob_parse_uint(apk_blob_t *b, int radix);
-int apk_blob_parse_char(apk_blob_t *b);
int apk_blob_for_each_segment(apk_blob_t blob, const char *split,
apk_blob_cb cb, void *ctx);
-int apk_hexdump_parse(apk_blob_t to, apk_blob_t from);
-int apk_hexdump_format(int tolen, char *to, apk_blob_t from);
+void apk_blob_push_blob(apk_blob_t *to, apk_blob_t literal);
+void apk_blob_push_uint(apk_blob_t *to, unsigned int value, int radix);
+void apk_blob_push_hexdump(apk_blob_t *to, apk_blob_t binary);
+void apk_blob_pull_char(apk_blob_t *b, int expected);
+unsigned int apk_blob_pull_uint(apk_blob_t *b, int radix);
+void apk_blob_pull_hexdump(apk_blob_t *b, apk_blob_t to);