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* First steps for libapkNatanael Copa2010-06-111-2/+20
* build: update make rulesTimo Teras2009-08-051-1/+8
* build: make install depend on main targetsTimo Teras2009-07-291-2/+1
| | | | | apparently the double colon rule dependencies affect only the specific rule-set.
* build: optimize with -O2 by defaultTimo Teras2009-07-141-1/+1
| | | | also make the array code more explicit to have gcc optimizer happy.
* build: create archive directly from git treeTimo Teras2009-05-271-4/+15
| | | | So we don't get local modifications or extra files in the tarball.
* make: test for .git existence before using git describe to set versionNatanael Copa2009-05-081-1/+1
* build: eliminate "Nothing to be done for `all'" messageTimo Teras2009-04-161-1/+5
* build: improve dependency file generationTimo Teras2009-04-161-3/+2
* build: rewrite make system to something slightly similar to kbuildTimo Teras2009-04-161-0/+269
Tracks now probler header file dependencies and command line parameters used to build files. E.g. changing CFLAGS rebuild all C-files. And changing version rebuild now the files where it's used.