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* various: use O_CLOEXEC and add some error checkingTimo Teräs2010-06-111-1/+1
* db, pkg: separate structure for fields of installed packagesTimo Teras2009-08-121-2/+4
| | | | | | | this makes the database package entry smaller, and we propbably get more fields to installed_package later too. this cleans up the way scripts are stored and is a preparation for supporting triggers. some parsing for trigger meta-data. ref #45.
* all: implement database open optionsTimo Teras2009-08-061-15/+5
| | | | so user can override trusted keys directory and repositories file.
* audit: do not load repositoriesTimo Teras2009-08-061-2/+5
| | | | | they are not needed, and cause errors if signing keys are not present.
* audit: fix --backupTimo Teras2009-08-061-1/+4
* io: flag for following symlinks on fstatTimo Teras2009-08-051-2/+2
| | | | | | usually we are interested on the actual file's length. but audit is interested about the link. so add a flag for this and use it in audit.
* audit: sanitize --systemTimo Teras2009-07-311-32/+79
| | | | | | make the system audit compare only installed files, instead of scanning the whole file system. also make it print only package names with -q, so reinstalling modified packages becomes easy.
* apk: use *at instead of chdir+normal file syscallTimo Teras2009-07-311-3/+4
| | | | | | | | this way we never change cwd, and relative filenames are always parsed consistently. this also helps filename construction in many places. this patch also changes '--root' to override location of all configuration to be in the new root. previously it depended on the file which one was used.
* db: fix checksum storing to dbTimo Teras2009-07-301-4/+3
| | | | | also take precautions in audit code if the db is missing the checksum.
* audit: protection mask for "symlinks only"Timo Teras2009-07-301-0/+5
| | | | and use it for /etc/init.d by default. fixes #99.
* audit: add --system optionTimo Teras2009-07-221-15/+21
| | | | to check system files for changes.
* db: live with sha1 and md5Timo Teras2009-07-141-3/+5
| | | | this also convers scripts file to a tar archive.
* db: speed up fdb creationTimo Teras2009-07-141-4/+3
| | | | | avoid recalculating hashes, and store the lengths of names, so we can optimize some operations.
* io: move csumming away from bstream to gunzipTimo Teras2009-07-131-13/+5
| | | | | in future we want to checksum on gzip boundary basis, not the full file.
* help: auto construct helpTimo Teras2009-06-251-4/+6
| | | | And add some more verbosity to the help message.
* change apk audit letters to correspond to old sfic/lbu lettersNatanael Copa2009-05-061-2/+2
| | | | | A = "added" U = "updated"
* db: database locking and creation to part of opening itTimo Teras2009-01-171-1/+1
| | | | | Add flags field to db open call. Also make error reporting quite a bit more detailed.
* info: only show package desc when --verboseNatanael Copa2009-01-161-1/+1
| | | | | | | also introduce apk_verbosity. --quiet reduce verbosity and --verbose increases it. Default verbosity is 1.
* audit: new command to check changed filesTimo Teras2009-01-141-0/+146
Currently only implement --backup to get list of (config) files in protected directories to backup. This also fixes a database corruption bug in database.c.