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* state: improve error messages from dependency failuresTimo Teräs2010-06-011-0/+8
* blob: base64 encoding and decodingTimo Teras2009-07-151-17/+127
* db: live with sha1 and md5Timo Teras2009-07-141-0/+49
* blob: add some likelyness to help compiler optimizationsTimo Teras2009-07-141-12/+12
* blob: some helpers to replace snprintfTimo Teras2009-07-141-36/+91
* hash: allow caching of hash valueTimo Teras2009-07-141-2/+7
* bstream: make tokenizable and load index using bstreamTimo Teras2009-07-141-17/+31
* csum: use openssl insteadTimo Teras2009-07-081-9/+0
* blob: function to checksum a blobTimo Teras2009-06-281-1/+10
* blob: add strspn helpersTimo Teras2009-04-141-0/+28
* db: keep only filename in file entries, hash by both directory and fileTimo Teras2009-01-141-1/+1
* hash, db: use apk_blob_t and list_*Timo Teras2008-11-271-0/+20
* db: parse new style .PKGINFOTimo Teras2008-11-061-1/+18
* Argument parsing. Some other stuff too.Timo Teras2008-04-211-0/+3
* Initial commit of some stuff written so far. Still in state of flux. ExpectTimo Teras2008-04-171-0/+125