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@@ -18,6 +18,14 @@ For getting nldev and mdev to work use the following instructions.
% cd /bin
% ln -s busybox mdev
+Now copy over all the required files.
+ % cd $nldevdir
+ % mkdir -p /lib/mdev
+ % mkdir -p /etc
+ % cp mdev/etc/mdev.conf /etc
+ % cp mdev/lib/* /lib/mdev
In you init scripts you will need to trigger:
% run_nldev &
@@ -31,3 +39,13 @@ in the kernel, don't assume interfaces to be there after startup.
Always add some step to check for the devices to be there or do
them per service.
+## udev replacement
+Many application directly depend on libudev and so need the
+overengineered backends of udev to work. Most of this (like X11)
+can be avoided by having symlinks to static devices and leaving
+all the automatism in one place instead of many.
+Scripts that call the udev tools directly will need to be patched,
+like laptop-mode-utils.