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addrblock: Support an optional non-strict mode accepting certs without addrblock
This allows a gateway to enforce the addrblock policy on certificates that actually have the extension only. For (legacy) certificates not having the extension, traffic selectors are validated/narrowed by other means, most likely by the configuration.
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@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ options = \
plugins = \
+ plugins/addrblock.opt \
plugins/android_log.opt \
plugins/attr.opt \
plugins/attr-sql.opt \
diff --git a/conf/plugins/addrblock.opt b/conf/plugins/addrblock.opt
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--- /dev/null
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+charon.plugins.addrblock.strict = yes
+ Whether to strictly require addrblock extension in subject certificates.
+ If set to yes, a subject certificate without an addrblock extension is
+ rejected if the issuer certificate has such an addrblock extension. If set
+ to no, subject certificates issued without the addrblock extension are
+ accepted without any traffic selector checks and no policy is enforced
+ by the plugin.