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* Fix two bugs related to session lockout.Ted Trask2010-10-291-2/+3
* Added sessiontimeout, lockouttime, and lockouteventlimit parameters to acf.conf.Ted Trask2010-03-101-5/+5
* Further modifications to session.lua to prevent writing session if session da...Ted Trask2008-12-311-21/+31
* Workaround in session.lua for simultaneous access with same session id result...Ted Trask2008-12-311-6/+24
* Cleanup of some libs.Ted Trask2008-09-261-1/+0
* Ted's Logon/permissions changesTed Trask2008-04-211-60/+35
* If the sessionid was used after the expire time the browser would give a funn...Mike Mason2008-03-071-2/+2
* Menus are now written into sessiondata.Mika Havela2008-02-111-1/+1
* Cleaning up the session management and expiration items. Will be more bug fix...Mike Mason2008-02-071-6/+14
* Adding the beingings of the authorization items. Also adding some of the upda...Mike Mason2008-02-041-3/+5
* Updated changes hopefully meeting most of the security checks/validation item...Mike Mason2008-01-291-17/+27
* Changes effect only the log in|out functions. Will work now. Next working on ...Mike Mason2008-01-261-9/+50
* Adding logon-status and finally with nangel's help got this workingMike Mason2008-01-231-2/+20
* logon works - but session table is not saved yetNathan Angelacos2007-12-221-1/+1
* logon model stubbed inNathan Angelacos2007-12-091-1/+13
* Session library now records events of notice when an invalid sessionidNathan Angelacos2007-11-151-11/+48
* *Work in progress*Nathan Angelacos2007-11-141-1/+1
* app/acf_www-controller.lua removed logit referencesNathan Angelacos2007-11-141-30/+10
* moved core files to new dir structurev2.0_alpha1Natanael Copa2007-07-271-0/+143