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* Show graph-image in popup windowMika Havela2009-07-081-0/+1
* List graph-files (created the view-file)Mika Havela2009-07-081-1/+1
* List rrd-files and graph-configfiles in a config-page.Mika Havela2009-07-081-1/+13
* List available graphs and display selected graphMika Havela2009-07-081-0/+4
* Prepare a view to list available graphs.Mika Havela2009-07-071-0/+4
* Functionallity to create new DB.Mika Havela2009-07-031-2/+3
* Adding functionallity to see 'rrdtool info' on the existing DBs.Mika Havela2009-07-031-0/+3
* Adding delete() to be able to remove .rrd DB'sMika Havela2009-07-021-0/+5
* Started on 'create new rrd' function (still much to do).Mika Havela2009-07-021-0/+5
* Clean up the table so the view file displays things as it should.Mika Havela2009-06-291-1/+1
* Initial commit on controllerMika Havela2009-06-291-0/+29