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@@ -14,6 +14,11 @@ features/profiles of RBU are:
* Copy backup status log to remote location
* Send status notifications over mqtt
+The alpine-backup script itself takes care of capturing the logs, creating the
+snapshot, and updating the status for monitoring. Other tasks such uploading the
+backup should be done through profiles. See the *Minimal Setup* section for
## Prerequisite
* POSIX shell
@@ -42,6 +47,18 @@ These profiles/scripts will be run by busybox run-parts which means they cannot
have an extension and need to be executable. If you need to run these scripts
in a specific order you should prefix them with a number like `10-scriptname`.
+### Minimal setup
+The `profiles/` directory contains some default profiles which can be used to
+setup basic back-ups.
+At the minimum, you want to add the `backup-sync` script in the `post-package.d`
+directory to actually upload the backup archive to the remote server in the
+homedir of the user provided in `rbu.conf`.
+`backup-list` can be placed in the `pre-package.d` directory to generate a list
+of files that are being backed up, which will added to the log.
### Encryption
To make sure the backups are safe we use openssl encryption option provided by
@@ -69,6 +86,13 @@ public key to the backup server.
Copy the provided `alpine-backup` to `/etc/periodic/daily` to make the backup
run every night.
+### Retention
+LBU is configured to keep 7 days of backups. If you also want a monthly backup,
+enable the backup-archive profile in `post-package.d` and make sure that it's
+run after the `backup-sync` profile. This will copy the last created backup at
+the first of each month to the `month/` directory..
## Backup monitoring
Backups are are automatically monitored by Alpine monitoring system. After the