Scripts to generate Alpine mirror statistics.


`bash apk add lua5.3-cjson lua5.3-http lua5.3-lustache lua5.3-lyaml


List of APKINDEX.tar.gz files

The base for checking all APKINDEX files is the provided apkindex.list file. This file is generated from the master mirror ie:

`bash cd /var/www/localhost/htdocs find alpine -name APKINDEX.tar.gz > apkindex.list

Create a config file

Copy the sample config to a new file called config.lua and change the defaults if needed (ie the output directory).

Generate json file

`bash ./generate-json.lua

Which will iterate over earch mirror/apkindex combination and make an http request to fetch the last-modified header.

Generate html file

`bash ./genereate-html.lua

Which will generate two parts:

  1. Generate a list of mirrors take from official mirrors.yaml file.
  2. Compare all mirrors with master and generate a health report table per mirror.