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* githooks: fix pre-commit hook to allow empty sourceNatanael Copa2019-01-091-0/+1
* githooks: skip checksum check for symlinkNatanael Copa2018-11-081-0/+10
| | | | | | git will return the target of symlink instead of the content of the file it points to, which makes the checksum check fail. To fix this we skip checksum check if object is a symlink.
* githooks: add check for file size into pre-commit hookJakub Jirutka2017-12-311-4/+26
* githooks: fix checksum comparison in pre-commit hookJakub Jirutka2017-12-291-6/+7
| | | | The previous method didn't work for larger files.
* githooks: add pre-commit hookJakub Jirutka2017-12-281-0/+84
* git: add hook prepare-commit-msgJakub Jirutka2017-10-141-0/+45