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* Explicitly depend on sudoHEADmasterCarlo Landmeter2020-05-011-0/+1
* entrypoint: always set correct permissions of abuild conf dirCarlo Landmeter2020-02-031-1/+3
* entrypoint: fix abuild config dir permissionCarlo Landmeter2020-02-031-1/+1
* Merge branch 'multiple_fixes' into 'master'Richard Mortier2020-01-305-91/+192
| * admin: use correct program and uppercase globalsCarlo Landmeter2020-01-181-4/+6
| * admin: multiarch add enable/disable with warningCarlo Landmeter2020-01-181-5/+40
| * admin: set shell to -euCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-1/+3
| * add editorconfig support and follow alpine coding styleCarlo Landmeter2020-01-172-29/+41
| * dabuild: alpine release can have more digitsCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-2/+1
| * dabuild: set shell to catch unset varsCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-32/+33
| * use git symbolic-ref to get branch nameCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-2/+1
| * remove check for packages dirCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-8/+2
| * admin: add enable multi-archCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-0/+7
| * make distfiles named volume/bind configuable:Carlo Landmeter2020-01-172-4/+13
| * add default settings to users abuild.confCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-0/+9
| * dabuild: do not mount hosts /etc/abuild.confCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-4/+0
| * entrypoint: simplify abuild key generationCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-10/+3
| * admin: add cmd to list all volumesCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-0/+6
| * rename alpine based variablesCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-16/+18
| * add script to administer dabuildCarlo Landmeter2020-01-171-0/+25
| * add apk cache and simplify named volumesCarlo Landmeter2020-01-112-22/+32
* Merge branch 'use-dabuild_docker' into 'master'Richard Mortier2020-01-041-5/+6
| * dabuild: doh! actually use the indicated `$DABUILD_DOCKER` commandRichard Mortier2020-01-031-5/+6
* Merge branch 'github/fork/clandmeter/dabuild-conf' into 'master'Richard Mortier2020-01-032-0/+37
| * add dabuild.conf supportCarlo Landmeter2019-12-312-0/+37
* | only build images when neededCarlo Landmeter2020-01-031-23/+47
* | update readme arch supportCarlo Landmeter2020-01-021-9/+3
* | fix project and release nameCarlo Landmeter2020-01-021-6/+6
* | add gitlab ciCarlo Landmeter2020-01-023-1/+182
* | dabuild: mount gitconfig in containerCarlo Landmeter2019-12-311-0/+5
* readme: fix instructions for multiarch supportRichard Mortier2019-12-291-2/+3
* add alpine v3.11Carlo Landmeter2019-12-294-4/+84
* readme: add instructions to install multiarch support on LinuxRichard Mortier2019-12-291-1/+11
* dabuild: put `.ccache` into a named volume, to support multiarchRichard Mortier2019-12-292-2/+1
* readme: document `sudo` issue and fixRichard Mortier2019-12-291-0/+12
* readme: document supported environment variablesRichard Mortier2019-12-271-21/+21
* feat: add support for ccache-enabled abuildJoseph Benden2019-12-182-0/+2
* dabuild: add support for `DABUILD_DOCKER` env varRichard Mortier2019-11-291-0/+9
* Workaround for ARCH detectionmacmpi2019-11-181-2/+3
* dabuild: more helpful error message, list possible `$ARCH` in `README`Richard Mortier2019-11-182-3/+16
* dabuild: fix interpretation of `uname -m` on RPi; closes #41Richard Mortier2019-10-251-2/+2
* dabuild: rm image after run by default; control via `$DABUILD_RM`Richard Mortier2019-10-251-0/+5
* dabuild: unabstractify `docker` invocationRichard Mortier2019-10-181-4/+7
* entrypoint: test if `~/.abuild` writable, fail if notRichard Mortier2019-09-131-0/+10
* readme: add note about bash-5.0 issueRichard Mortier2019-09-131-0/+1
* whitespaceRichard Mortier2019-09-071-1/+6
* dabuild: require `aports` tree is exactly in `.../aports/` on hostRichard Mortier2019-09-071-5/+5
* dabuild: fix `die`Richard Mortier2019-09-071-1/+1
* readme: move badge to the topRichard Mortier2019-07-121-2/+2
* readme: add ipv6 issueRichard Mortier2019-07-121-0/+4