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Update section on grub
Grub should properly set itself up now, but may require custom tweaks in `/etc/default/grub`. - Remove the warning regarding grub - Add TODO: explain `/etc/default/grub`
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@@ -307,8 +307,6 @@ DISKLABEL:: The type of partition table to use. Defaults to dos, but also allows
ROOTFS:: The filesystem to use on `/`, defaults to ext4, also allows ext2, ext3, (flat) btrfs and xfs.
USE_EFI:: Enable this to force using UEFI.
-CAUTION: Due to current issues with grub it is recommended to avoid grub and UEFI (as the latter requires it to function).
.Command Line Options:
-m:: The disk mode to use - you want `-m sys`.
@@ -489,6 +487,7 @@ To actually run it, you simply have to specify the specific mountpoint.
In our example, this is `setup-disk /mnt`.
// TODO: xref to intro - support channels
+// TODO: maybe mention `/etc/default/grub`?
Bootloader setup, and grub in particular, tends to have issues.