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authorTimo Teräs <>2010-07-02 20:23:07 +0300
committerTimo Teräs <>2010-07-02 20:25:47 +0300
commit23b95bf1a15322c2f471b80c06cb65d9b2d2a282 (patch)
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libtf: major redesign startedHEADmaster
the idea is to make libtf completely multi-threaded. meaning each fiber can be running concurrently in separate thread. quite a bit of framework is added for this and some atomic helpers are already introduced. however, io polling is busy polling now (will be soon in own thread) and timeouts are still more or less broken. oh, and the multithreading core is not there yet. basically we are currently mostly broken ;)
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diff --git a/test/read.c b/test/read.c
index 0dc72cc..9963a62 100644
--- a/test/read.c
+++ b/test/read.c
@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ static void io_fiber(void *ptr)
int main(int argc, char **argv)
- tf_scheduler_enable(NULL);
- tf_fiber_put(tf_fiber_create(time_fiber, 0));
- tf_fiber_put(tf_fiber_create(io_fiber, 0));
- tf_scheduler_disable();
+ tf_vmach_start();
+ tf_fiber_run(tf_fiber_create(time_fiber, 0));
+ tf_fiber_run(tf_fiber_create(io_fiber, 0));
+ tf_vmach_stop();