Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* libtf: major redesign startedHEADmasterTimo Teräs2010-07-0221-638/+719
* mem: add mmap allocatorTimo Teras2010-03-107-9/+80
* io: virtualize polling apiTimo Teras2010-03-106-79/+126
* libtf: fix stack frame creation and valgrind issuesTimo Teras2010-03-107-49/+46
* libtf: separate scheduler fibre, change the core apiTimo Teras2010-03-1017-311/+533
* build: add os/arch detectionTimo Teras2010-03-091-0/+17
* build: rename {pro,epi}logue to enter/leaveTimo Teras2010-03-094-115/+6
* libtf: optimize x86 fiber switchingTimo Teras2009-12-012-16/+25
* libtf: implement x86 assembly fiber switchingTimo Teras2009-11-272-8/+148
* libtf: stackable timeoutsTimo Teras2009-11-267-71/+132
* libtf: minor changes and new test case for network i/oTimo Teras2009-11-256-13/+139
* libtf: implement basic networking i/oTimo Teras2009-11-257-98/+342
* libtf: implement basic file i/o with epollTimo Teras2009-11-2511-44/+453
* build: make make ignore missing dependencies from previous buildsTimo Teras2009-11-241-3/+6
* libtf: implement timeoutsTimo Teras2009-11-248-34/+400
* libtf: initial commitTimo Teras2009-11-2416-0/+937