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a small IRC bot for use with git hooks, cronjobs, scripts etc
+To build sircbot you need a C compiler and GNU make. To build the lua
+module you need Lua 5.1, 5.2 or 5.3.
+To compile sircbot run:
+ make
+You can set various compile options in config.mk:
+Running the server
start the server with:
- sircbot -s SERVER -n NICK '#channel1' '#channel2'
+ sircbot -s SERVER -n NICK '#channel1' '#channel2'
It connects to server and joins given channels. When a channel is joined
it creates a unix socket /var/run/sircbot/<#channel> which can connected to
with sircbot-send.
+Sending messages
To send to a connected channel use:
- echo "$message" | sircbot-send '#channel1'
+ echo "$message" | sircbot-send '#channel1'
sircbot-send will send everything from stdin to given channel.