apk-tools module for Ansible

A simple module to make use of apk-tools under Ansible. It’s very possible it can be written cleaner — patches welcome (also on Github.


Copy apk to $ANSIBLE_LIBRARY on the management host.

install -m444 library/apk $ANSIBLE_LIBRARY/apk


- name: Install package foo
  action: apk pkg=foo state=present

Note that default value of state is present, therefore it doesn’t have to be explicitly defined.

- name: Update the package database and upgrade package bar
  action: apk pkg=bar update=yes state=latest

- name: Remove package foo and purge its configuration files
  action: apk pkg=foo state=purge

- name: Force removal of package bar
  action: apk pkg=bar force=yes


  • return more verbose messages
  • add support for upgrade, verify and fix