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* add qty to right sidebarCarlo Landmeter2015-03-191-0/+3
* add pager and allow to filter on pkgname in filelistCarlo Landmeter2015-03-191-14/+59
* add required by and subpkg to package listCarlo Landmeter2015-03-181-13/+58
* add deps to package viewCarlo Landmeter2015-03-181-4/+37
* remember correct selected for archCarlo Landmeter2015-03-171-3/+4
* remove inspect debugCarlo Landmeter2015-03-171-2/+0
* remove lua inspect includeCarlo Landmeter2015-03-171-1/+0
* cleanup identCarlo Landmeter2015-03-171-57/+56
* initial importCarlo Landmeter2015-03-171-0/+134