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docs: Add a pointer to the git post-receive hook
I had to stumble upon this feature before I realized it was here inside the tools directory all along. This documentation should make it easier for the next person coming along looking for a patchwork git hook. Signed-off-by: Carl Worth <> Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kerr <>
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+7. Optional: Configure your VCS to automatically update patches
+ The tools directory of the patchwork distribution contains a file
+ named post-receive.hook which is an example git hook that can be
+ used to automatically update patches to the Accepted state when
+ corresponding comits are pushed via git.
+ To install this hook, simply copy it to the .git/hooks directory on
+ your server, name it post-receive, and make it executable.
+ This sample hook has support to update patches to different states
+ depending on which branch is being pushed to. See the STATE_MAP
+ setting in that file.
+ If you are using a system other than git, you can likely write a
+ similar hook using pwclient to update patch state. If you do write
+ one, please contribute it.
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