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Add XML-RPC interface and command line client
Introduce a new XML-RPC Patchwork interface inspired by the SOAP interface from the old Patchwork. The interface itself is fairly lightweight and generic, and provides read-only access to a limited subset of the Patchwork database, along with server-side search and flexible filtering capabilities. The command line client is modeled after the old one with some additional filtering options. The XML-RPC interface is disabled by default. You can enable it by setting ENABLE_XMLRPC = True in This feature uses the django-xmlrpc package available from Signed-off-by: Nate Case <> Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kerr <>
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cd ../../apps
ln -s ../lib/packages/django-registration ./registration
+ (OPTIONAL) If you want to enable the Patchwork XML-RPC interface,
+ which is required for pwclient to work, you'll need to set up the
+ django_xmlrpc package:
+ cd lib/packages/
+ wget \
+ tar -zxf django_xmlrpc-0.1.tar.gz
+ cd ../../apps
+ ln -s ../lib/packages/django_xmlrpc ./django_xmlrpc
The file contains default settings for patchwork, you'll
need to configure settings for your own setup.
@@ -86,6 +97,11 @@ in brackets):
+ If you wish to enable the XML-RPC interface, add the following to
+ your file:
Then, get patchwork to create its tables in your configured database:
cd apps/