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[packages] update to django 1.0
With a minor code change, and a small workaround. Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kerr <>
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mkdir -p lib/packages lib/python
- At the time of initial release, patchwork depends on a svn version of
- django. I've been using svn commit 7854 - but anything after this
- point should be fine. If your distribution provides a sufficiently
- recent version of django, you can use that; if not, do a:
+ At the time of release, patchwork depends on django version 1.0.
+ However, most distros don't provide 1.0 yet. If yours does, then you
+ can skip this step. Otherwise, do a:
cd lib/packages
- svn checkout django
+ svn checkout
cd ../python
ln -s ../packages/django/django ./django