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TODO: remove completed items
IIUC, these items have all been completed. (The 'bundle' part of --signoff is not completed, but that is represented in the previous bullet.) Signed-off-by: Brian Norris <> Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kerr <>
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* Patch flags
* Help: XML RPC interface, bundling, Hint headers
* Allow manual update of commit ref
-* Add Msg-ID to mbox view
* store rejected mails
* In-message From: header
* Per-user default filter settings
* pwclient: -b <bundle> to specify multiple patch ids
-* pwclient: pwclient git-am [-b <bundle>|<id>] --signoff
- (or pwclient exec [-b <bundle>|<id>] 'git am --signoff'?)
* pwclient: add bundle manipulation and retrieval ops
* pwclient: specify multiple patches by ID range
* pwclient: integrate hash parser
* pwclient: add example scripts (eg, git post-commit hook) to online help
-* pwclient: multiple project
* pwclient: case-insensitive searches for author and project name
* changing primary email addresses for accounts