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docs: update INSTALL for commonly-available packages
We probably don't need to download django or django-registration anymore. Signed-off-by: Jeremy Kerr <>
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mkdir -p lib/packages lib/python
- At the time of release, patchwork depends on django version 1.0.
- However, most distros don't provide 1.0 yet. If yours does, then you
- can skip this step. Otherwise, do a:
+ At the time of release, patchwork depends on django version 1.0 or
+ later. Your distro probably provides this. If not, do a:
cd lib/packages
- svn checkout
+ svn checkout
cd ../python
ln -s ../packages/django/django ./django
We also use the django-registration infrastructure from
+ Your distro
+ may provide the django-registration python module (in Ubuntu/Debian it's
+ called 'python-django-registration'). If not, download the module
+ and symlink it to lib/python/ :
cd lib/packages/
hg clone
- cd ../../apps
+ cd ../python
ln -s ../lib/packages/django-registration/registration ./registration
We also use some Javascript libraries: