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+{% extends "base.html" %}
+{% block title %}opt-out{% endblock %}
+{% block heading %}opt-out{% endblock %}
+{% block body %}
+<p><strong>Opt-out complete</strong>. You have successfully opted-out of
+automated notifications from this patchwork system, from the address
+<p>Please note that you may still receive email from other patchwork setups at
+different sites, as they are run independently. You may need to opt-out of
+those separately.</p>
+<p>If you later decide to receive mail from patchwork, just visit
+<a href="{% url patchwork.views.mail.settings %}"
+>http://{{site.domain}}{% url patchwork.views.mail.settings %}</a>, or
+visit the main patchwork page and navigate from there.</p>
+{% if user.is_authenticated %}
+<p>Return to your <a href="{% url patchwork.views.user.profile %}">user
+{% endif %}
+{% endblock %}