path: root/aconf/persistence/backends
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* augeas back-end: fix ordering of sequence nodesKaarle Ritvanen2019-02-251-5/+11
* augeas back-end: check all path componentsKaarle Ritvanen2015-07-101-1/+2
* remove address moduleKaarle Ritvanen2015-03-113-12/+11
* persistence: string-based augeas back-end modesKaarle Ritvanen2015-03-111-26/+32
* persistence: move augeas back-end directives out of addressesKaarle Ritvanen2015-03-111-13/+23
* augeas back-end: proper escaping for GC addressesKaarle Ritvanen2015-03-111-3/+3
* remove some unused codeKaarle Ritvanen2015-03-111-1/+0
* proper escaping for back-end addressesKaarle Ritvanen2015-02-123-60/+56
* augeas backend: allow '#' as value of key componentKaarle Ritvanen2014-06-251-8/+8
* augeas backend: explicit selector for node's valueKaarle Ritvanen2014-06-161-7/+16
* use 'unpack' function from 'table' moduleKaarle Ritvanen2014-04-155-11/+13
* persistence: return zero timestamp when fetching from null backendKaarle Ritvanen2014-03-251-1/+1
* rename ACF2 to Alpine Configurator (aconf)Kaarle Ritvanen2014-03-246-0/+547