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+To build the docker images:
+ docker build -t alpine-darkhttpd alpine-darkhttpd/
+ docker build -t alpine-mksite alpine-mksite/
+The images are supposed to share a mount named www/ where we have the following dirs:
+- www/tmp: work directory where git repository is checked out
+- www/log: where darkhttpd store the logs
+- www/htdocs: where the generated pages are copied for darkhttpd
+To create and run an instance of the images. Use -v option to mount $PWD/www
+to /www inside the container:
+ docker run --name alpine-wwwbuild -v $PWD/www:/www alpine-mksite
+ docker run --name alpine-www -p 80:80 -v $PWD/www:/www alpine-darkhttpd