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FQDNs are actually not resolved when loading secrets
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A selector is an IP address, a Fully Qualified Domain Name, user@FQDN,
-\fB%any\fP or \fB%any6\fP (other kinds may come). An IP address may be written
-in the familiar dotted quad form or as a domain name to be looked up
-when the file is loaded.
-In many cases it is a bad idea to use domain names because
-the name server may not be running or may be insecure. To denote a
-Fully Qualified Domain Name (as opposed to an IP address denoted by
-its domain name), precede the name with an at sign (\fB@\fP).
+\fB%any\fP or \fB%any6\fP (other kinds may come).
Matching IDs with selectors is fairly straightforward: they have to be
equal. In the case of a ``Road Warrior'' connection, if an equal