Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
| * testing: Converted libipsec/host2host-cert to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1010-51/+94
| * testing: Converted gcrypt-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1025-158/+243
| * testing: Converted gcrypt-ikev1 to systemdAndreas Steffen2017-11-108-31/+63
| * testing: Converted af-alg to systemdAndreas Steffen2017-11-109-35/+72
| * testing: Enable systemdAndreas Steffen2017-11-103-3/+4
| * testing: Updated some descriptionsAndreas Steffen2017-11-103-9/+9
* libtpmtss: Added missing argument in hasher_from_signature_scheme()Andreas Steffen2017-11-101-1/+1
* charon-tkm: Unlink PID file after deinitTobias Brunner2017-11-101-11/+31
* charon: Unlink PID file after daemon deinit (i.e. after unloading plugins etc.)Tobias Brunner2017-11-101-9/+14
* unit-tests: Rename targets for libstrongswan and kernel-netlinkThomas Egerer2017-11-092-10/+10
* Merge branch 'rsassa-pss'Tobias Brunner2017-11-08116-593/+8494
| * auth-cfg: Add RSA/PSS schemes for pubkey and rsa if enabled in strongswan.confTobias Brunner2017-11-084-16/+94
| * pki: Enable PSS padding if enabled in strongswan.confTobias Brunner2017-11-085-5/+11
| * pki: Optionally generate RSA/PSS signaturesTobias Brunner2017-11-0813-45/+179
| * pki: Indent usage lines properly automaticallyTobias Brunner2017-11-085-13/+13
| * Treat RSASSA-PSS keys like rsaEncryption RSA keysTobias Brunner2017-11-083-1/+20
| * openssl: Add support for signature schemes with parametersTobias Brunner2017-11-082-47/+34
| * pki: Properly forward digest to attribute certificate builderTobias Brunner2017-11-081-0/+1
| * x509: Add support for signature schemes with parametersTobias Brunner2017-11-085-143/+220
| * builder: Add builder option to pass signature scheme and paramsTobias Brunner2017-11-082-1/+4
| * ikev2: Use helpers to build signature auth dataTobias Brunner2017-11-081-40/+4
| * signature-params: Add helpers to parse/build ASN.1 algorithmIdentifier for si...Tobias Brunner2017-11-083-0/+196
| * ikev2: Enumerate RSA/PSS schemes and use them if enabledTobias Brunner2017-11-086-38/+67
| * ikev2: Support signing with RSASSA-PSS via RFC 7427 signature authTobias Brunner2017-11-081-6/+21
| * signature-params: Use helper to build MGF1 algorithmIdentifierTobias Brunner2017-11-081-2/+2
| * asn1: Add helper function to create algorithmIdentifier with parametersTobias Brunner2017-11-082-6/+23
| * ikev2: Verify RSASSA-PSS signatures via RFC 7427 signature authTobias Brunner2017-11-081-19/+34
| * keymat_v2: Pass/receive signature schemes as signature_param_t objectsTobias Brunner2017-11-082-28/+58
| * auth-cfg: Parse rsa/pss auth tokensTobias Brunner2017-11-082-25/+136
| * auth-cfg: Store signature schemes as signature_params_t objectsTobias Brunner2017-11-0810-67/+116
| * certificate: Return signature scheme and parameters from issued_by() methodTobias Brunner2017-11-0829-72/+124
| * signature-params: Add helper struct for signature scheme and parametersTobias Brunner2017-11-083-18/+319
| * android: Add support for creating RSASSA-PSS signatures via JNITobias Brunner2017-11-081-2/+142
| * unit-tests: Add RSA-PSS signature tests with specific saltsTobias Brunner2017-11-081-92/+818
| * gcrypt: Add support for static salts when signing with RSA-PSSTobias Brunner2017-11-081-6/+17
| * gmp: Add support for static salts when signing with RSA-PSSTobias Brunner2017-11-081-2/+6
| * signature-params: Optionally pass a specific salt value when signingTobias Brunner2017-11-081-0/+2
| * unit-tests: Warn if we skip RSA tests due to dependenciesTobias Brunner2017-11-081-0/+11
| * unit-tests: Add ability to issue a warning message for a test caseTobias Brunner2017-11-083-6/+116
| * mgf1: Add support for SHA-224/384 based MGF1Tobias Brunner2017-11-082-1/+11
| * xof: Add identifiers for MGF1 XOFs based on SHA-224/384Tobias Brunner2017-11-082-5/+13
| * gmp: Use helper to determine XOF typeTobias Brunner2017-11-082-28/+10
| * xof: Add helper to determine MGF1 XOF type from hash algorithmTobias Brunner2017-11-082-0/+38
| * gcrypt: Add support for RSA-PSS signaturesTobias Brunner2017-11-083-31/+127
| * gcrypt: Register supported RSA signature/verification schemesTobias Brunner2017-11-081-0/+16
| * configure: Enable mgf1 plugin if gmp plugin is enabledTobias Brunner2017-11-081-1/+1
| * gmp: Add support for RSASSA-PSS signature verificationTobias Brunner2017-11-082-2/+140
| * gmp: Add support for RSASSA-PSS signature creationTobias Brunner2017-11-082-0/+130
| * unit-tests: Add FIPS 186-4 RSASSA-PSS test vectorsTobias Brunner2017-11-081-0/+1629
| * unit-tests: Create and verify some RSA PSS signaturesTobias Brunner2017-11-081-3/+25