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* Version bump to 5.6.1HEAD5.6.1masterAndreas Steffen2017-11-172-2/+2
* testing: Added swanctl/rw-cert-pss scenarioAndreas Steffen2017-11-1712-0/+239
* NEWS: Added some news for 5.6.1Tobias Brunner2017-11-171-1/+29
* hashers: Change names of SHA2 hash algorithmsTobias Brunner2017-11-171-8/+8
* ikev2: Add hash algorithm used for RSASSA-PSS signature to log messageTobias Brunner2017-11-171-11/+41
* hasher: Add uppercase short names for hash algorithmsTobias Brunner2017-11-172-0/+23
* testing: Configure logging via syslog in strongswan.confTobias Brunner2017-11-1598-167/+269
* testing: Disable logging via journal in charon-systemdTobias Brunner2017-11-151-0/+3
* testing: Globally define logging via syslog for charon-systemdTobias Brunner2017-11-15291-2196/+43
* x509: Initialize signature params when parsing attribute certificatesTobias Brunner2017-11-151-1/+1
* sw-collector: Unmap history file on failure to instantiate extractorTobias Brunner2017-11-151-0/+1
* charon: Explicitly check return value of fileno()Tobias Brunner2017-11-152-2/+12
* pkcs8: Add explicit comment for RSASSA-PSS fall-throughTobias Brunner2017-11-151-0/+1
* The pacman tool got replaced by the sec-updater toolTobias Brunner2017-11-155-11/+2
* sec-updater: Fix typo in documentationTobias Brunner2017-11-151-1/+1
* Fixed some typos, courtesy of codespellTobias Brunner2017-11-1515-19/+19
* swanctl: Add check for conflicting short optionsTobias Brunner2017-11-131-0/+9
* swanctl: Properly register --counters commmandTobias Brunner2017-11-131-1/+1
* testing: Do not remove all swanctl subdirectoriesAndreas Steffen2017-11-111-3/+3
* Version bump to 5.6.1rc15.6.1rc1Andreas Steffen2017-11-113-2/+2615
* Merge branch 'swanctl-testing'Andreas Steffen2017-11-11889-4915/+6964
| * libimcv: Updated imv databaseAndreas Steffen2017-11-111-4/+88
| * testing: Converterd tnc to systemdAndreas Steffen2017-11-11124-558/+338
| * testing: Converted sql to systemdAndreas Steffen2017-11-1185-101/+542
| * testing: Converted swanctl to systemdAndreas Steffen2017-11-11181-849/+1170
| * testing: Added legacy ipv6-stroke scenariosAndreas Steffen2017-11-11172-0/+2418
| * testing: Converted ipv6/rw-ip6-in-ip4-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1014-96/+158
| * testing: Converted ipv6/rw-ip6-in-ip4-ikev1 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1014-96/+158
| * testing: Converted ipv6/net2net-ip6-in-ip4-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1011-66/+113
| * testing: Converted ipv6/net2net-ip6-in-ip4-ikev1 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1011-63/+112
| * testing: Converted ipv6/rw-rfc3779-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1022-103/+161
| * testing: Converted ipv6/rw-compress-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1010-64/+109
| * testing: Converted ipv6/rw-psk-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1017-96/+174
| * testing: Converted ipv6/rw-psk-ikev1 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1017-96/+175
| * testing: Converted ipv6/rw-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1014-104/+163
| * testing: Converted ipv6/rw-ikev1 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1014-107/+160
| * testing: Converted ipv6/net2net-rfc3779-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1017-88/+128
| * testing: Converted ipv6/net2net-ip4-in-ip6-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1010-78/+117
| * testing: Converted ipv6/net2net-ip4-in-ip6-ikev1 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1010-78/+113
| * testing: Converted ipv6/transport-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1011-76/+116
| * testing: Converted ipv6/transport-ikev1 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1011-75/+112
| * testing: Converted ipv6/net2net-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1011-84/+119
| * testing: Converted ipv6/net2net-ikev1 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1011-82/+118
| * testing: Converted ipv6/host2host-ikev2 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1011-83/+115
| * testing: Converted ipv6/host2host-ikev1 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1011-86/+111
| * testing: Removed libipsec/rw-suite-bAndreas Steffen2017-11-1028-2260/+0
| * testing: Converted libipsec/net2net-null to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1010-67/+102
| * testing: Converted libipsec/net2net-cert-ipv6 to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1010-59/+102
| * testing: Converted libipsec/net2net-cert to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1010-59/+102
| * testing: Converted libipsec/net2net-3des to swanctlAndreas Steffen2017-11-1010-67/+102