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* Cleaning and refining the HTML.HEADmasterZach LeBar1980-02-231-18/+19
* Changed viewfunctions.lua to htmlviewfunctions.lua and made it an actual moduleTed Trask2012-02-021-6/+6
* UI fix, bumped to 0.8.5v0.8.5Ted Trask2009-12-101-1/+4
* Graphical fix. Adding <DL> to welcome screen.Mika Havela2009-10-071-1/+0
* Modified html.lua and viewlibrary.lua and all html files to html_escape varia...Ted Trask2009-01-151-3/+3
* Modified viewfunctions to split displayform, creating displayformstart and di...Ted Trask2008-10-221-4/+5
* Added parser library. Display filecontent descr in filedetails.Ted Trask2008-09-181-0/+1
* Modified filedetails view to HTML escape the filecontent before displaying it.Ted Trask2008-09-031-1/+1
* Added description to savebuttonMika Havela2008-08-221-1/+2
* use <% %> instead of <? ?>Natanael Copa2008-07-281-16/+16
* Added hidden filename field to common filedetails lsp. Modified acf_www-cont...Ted Trask2008-07-081-0/+1
* Changed logfiles to use controllerfunctions and standard html-lsp files.Ted Trask2008-07-021-0/+6
* Modified core to create model and controller function libraries and some comm...Ted Trask2008-07-021-0/+25