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* Added date.luaMike Mason2007-11-281-0/+1
* added split and join to fs.lua and gave them function names so we don't have ...Mike Mason2007-11-283-1/+65
* redid date_diffMike Mason2007-11-271-47/+41
* fixed functions and updated with a date_diffMike Mason2007-11-271-12/+30
* Added more tables and functions. Trying to document also.Mike Mason2007-11-261-2/+86
* Adding date and time functionalityMike Mason2007-11-232-3/+73
* Cleaning up librariesMike Mason2007-11-234-363/+0
* Added ipairs_string to go through a table and make it a string. Easier to wri...Mike Mason2007-11-221-0/+15
* Added a search replace function for filesMike Mason2007-11-221-1/+14
* added library for pidofNatanael Copa2007-11-172-0/+72
* moved sandbox. added privsep to makefileNatanael Copa2007-11-161-0/+1
* Session library now records events of notice when an invalid sessionidNathan Angelacos2007-11-151-11/+48
* adding more functions to fs. May need to go into a file.luaMike Mason2007-11-151-3/+37
* added library for privilege separationNatanael Copa2007-11-141-0/+75
* *Work in progress*Nathan Angelacos2007-11-141-1/+1
* app/acf_www-controller.lua removed logit referencesNathan Angelacos2007-11-142-32/+11
* Changed to use posix instead of lfsMike Mason2007-11-142-7/+13
* removed ed.lua. its unusedNatanael Copa2007-11-141-60/+0
* moved core files to new dir structurev2.0_alpha1Natanael Copa2007-07-2714-0/+1465