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NEWS: Added some news for 5.6.1
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-- The sec-updater tool checks for security updates dpkg-based repositories
+- In compliance with RFCs 8221 and 8247 several algorithms were removed from the
+ default ESP/AH and IKEv2 proposals, respectively (3DES, Blowfish and MD5 from
+ ESP/AH, MD5 and MODP-1024 from IKEv2). These algorithms may still be used in
+ custom proposals.
+- Added support for RSASSA-PSS signatures. For backwards compatibility they are
+ not used automatically by default, enable charon.rsa_pss to change that. To
+ explicitly use or require such signatures with IKEv2 signature authentication
+ (RFC 7427), regardless of whether that option is enabled, use ike:rsa/pss...
+ authentication constraints.
+- The pki tool can optionally sign certificates/CRLs with RSASSA-PSS via the
+ `--rsa-padding pss` option.
+- The sec-updater tool checks for security updates in dpkg-based repositories
(e.g. Debian/Ubuntu) and sets the security flags in the IMV policy database
accordingly. Additionally for each new package version a SWID tag for the
given OS and HW architecture is created and stored in the database.
@@ -12,6 +26,20 @@ strongswan-5.6.1
reference hash measurements. This has been fixed by creating generic product
versions having an empty package name.
+- A new timeout option for the systime-fix plugin stops periodic system time
+ checks after a while and enforces a certificate verification, closing or
+ reauthenticating all SAs with invalid certificates.
+- The IKE event counters, previously only available via ipsec listcounters, may
+ now be queried/reset via vici and the new swanctl --counters command. They are
+ provided by the new optional counters plugin.
+- Class attributes received in RADIUS Access-Accept messages may optionally be
+ added to RADIUS accounting messages.
+- Inbound marks may optionally be installed on the SA again (was removed with
+ 5.5.2) by enabling the mark_in_sa option in swanctl.conf.